15 Jun 2020

Thank You Animal Crossing

It's safe to say that 2020 has been quite the year. We're only half way through and I'm exhausted. I'm sure you can all relate in some way, it's been pretty hard to find a positive in a sea of negative events that have happened so far. One positive I can think of, is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Released on March 20th in the middle of a global pandemic, it's safe to say that New Horizons became our safe space. I don't think any of us could of predicted that we'd be spending a good portion of 2020 in our own homes, but here we are. So having a game like Animal Crossing was the perfect distraction to keep our brains occupied for the next few months. 

The initial start up of AC:NH gives you a variety of tasks to get your island up and running. With little jobs to do daily which help you build shops and house lots, we were pretty much set for the next month or two with so much to do. I was in my own little bubble. Not being able to see family members, friends and my partner, it was very hard to get through some days without feeling a little lonely. I'm not an overly social person but I always made sure I saw my friends often, and I'd be attached to my boyfriend if he'd allow it so not seeing my loved ones really hit hard to begin with. Animal Crossing helped. So. Much. 

To have a game as relaxing as AC, even the mundane jobs of watering flowers was heaven. It just transports you to another world, even if it was for an hour a day. Forgetting your troubles even for a little while is worth it to me. I think it'll be a game I'll keep close to my heart always, even if I'm not playing it as much anymore. I still hop on every now and then to check on all of my villagers, which I spent a lot of time finding and persuading them to come live on my island! Another highlight of New Horizons has been finding out how creative people are. There's a whole community full of super talented players who have completely transformed their islands into almost beautiful islands. Some are truly insane! The talent!!! With the terraforming option, you really are allowed to experiment with so much, much more than we ever could on New Leaf. 

Growing up with Animal Crossing has been such a fun adventure, and even if you haven't there really is no reason for you not to start right now. We can't truly ignore what is happening around the world right now, but we are all allowed to switch off every now and then to look after ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons can help you escape reality. 

Go buy it now! It's never too late to start.

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