12 Jun 2020

Playstation 5 is HERE!

Well... Not just yet but last night Sony gave us a first look at the next generation of PlayStation. So much hype is created when we get some news from Sony, but no matter how big it is, I always try to go into these videos with no expectations. I was seeing a lot of people making lists of what they would love to see come to PS5 and them being totally disappointed with what we were given. So going in blind with no expectations whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Lets start from the beginning, opening up with the Rockstar logo... Awesome. Are we finally getting a new GTA? Have Rockstar finally stopped trying to make money from the ongoing success of GTA 5? Of course not, they open the show with announcing they'll be bringing GTA 5 to PS5... Yawn. So disappointing, as much as I loved the game, I loved it in 2013, when it was released... I am so ready for a new one. I'm even ready to see Vice City/San Andreas get the remasters they truly deserve. I would LOVE to play those games again in all of their remastered glory. The controls are god awful and they really need a nice little update, and everyone would have been so much more excited for that, lets face the facts.

Next we moved onto something totally unexpected for me, thinking they would have left bigger games towards the end like they normally do. But nope. Casually just drops in a tiny trailer for a BRAND NEW SPIDER-MAN GAME. WHAT?! Spider-Man is an incredibly thrilling game start to finish so I was so excited to see that Miles Morales was getting his chance to shine in his own game. That blew my mind enough, and then they drop that it'll be out at the end of the year? CRAZY. That was already my confirmation that I'll be getting the PlayStation 5 on day one. No doubt about it.

I was quite amazed with the amount of games they were able to show us, some games not interesting me such as Gran Turismo and NBA but hey, it still was a pretty impressive show to me. A couple of games did catch my eye personally. One being Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the animation looks so pretty and it really looks like my kind of game. The little black fluffy creatures? I'M SOLD. I'm a sucker for cutesy type games, not saying this one is, but it definitely ticks a lot of boxes from what we were shown last night. Another game that sparked joy within seconds of the trailer being shown was Stray. Are you telling me we are finally getting a cool looking game where you are playing as a cat?! Do I need to say more? Obviously I'm curious to see what the game is all about but the KITTY HAD A BACKPACK ON, OKAY? I NEED IT. Project Athia also peaked my interest, we didn't get too much information with when it'll be out so I'll be keeping an eye out for that one, it looked so cool!

Now for the big one... The one game Sony left for the end. Horizon. Forbidden. West. And the crowd goes wild!! I had goosebumps the moment I could hear Aloys voice, it was the moment we had all been waiting for. We're getting a new Horizon game!! Holy shit I'm so excited for this, I had the best time playing through Horizon Zero Dawn, so much that I'll be playing it again soon enough to get me ready for the next chapter in Aloys adventure. Guerilla really knocked it out of the park with this one, the graphics looks insane and this new world she's ventured into looks visually stunning. Zero Dawn was so beautiful, they even managed to make it better in the Frozen Wilds DLC so I'm really excited to see what they do with Forbidden West.

Now to talk about the actual console reveal itself. I went through a lot of emotions within minutes of seeing it. I'm so conflicted, I'm a sucker for a real sleek looking design, and to me this just isn't at all. I know PlayStation is known for it's staple blue colour, but I just don't love it partnered with the white. I saw an edit showing what it would look like if the white parts were black and holy crap the difference was crazy. The white is really throwing me off, it won't stop me from buying the console though that's for sure. I wonder if there will be any exclusive consoles with any of the games being released? I sure hope so! The controller I will say is so nice, it does look a little chunkier and many are comparing it to an Xbox controller already but I like the direction they're going with the controllers. Just not the console... Oops.

What are you most excited for? Let me know!
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