9 Jan 2020

New Year, New Joy-Cons

Happy 2020! I hope we are all starting the year off on a positive note and it continues to stay that way. Christmas just gone marked one year since I was gifted my beautiful Nintendo Switch. She's lasted well and very efficiently, I am definitely more of a handheld gamer, being able to play anywhere at anytime is the best thing ever so I definitely always have it on me wherever I go. I even take it to work now to use on my break. As much as I love my Pokémon Let's Go Joy-Cons, it felt like it was time to buy myself a new pair. My excuse being that it was my birthday and I deserve a treat!

 I had my eye on the purple/orange set for a while, mainly for the beautiful purple that caught my attention the moment it was announced. I definitely would have loved a double purple, but the orange was pretty cool too.

So I finally ordered them, and holy shit let me just talk about them for a minute or two. I'm not sure if all Joy-Cons are like this now but my new pair feel SO much stronger. My first pair have felt a little flimsy for a while now, I kinda thought they all were made from the same material so I thought it was normal for every Joy-Con to feel that way. But oh no. The plastic definitely feels a lot more durable, I'm so happy with them. Also I'm not actually sure why but on every photo you see of them, the orange almost looks yellow? Which is not the case at all to the naked eyeball. It's such a florescent orange it literally wakes me up when I look at it. Such a cool colour! Just think highliter orange, surprisingly goes well with the purple. The matte finish is a really nice addition too, I feel like I can grip them better than my other cons.

£70 can definitely feel like a steep price for a controller, Nintendo are known for keeping their prices high and never giving us a good sale. Unfortunately I don't see that changing. But I still feel that they are worth the purchase, if you are going to get some good use out of them I think it's great to have a few to choose from. I'd also recommend investing in a Pro Controller if you're more into playing the Switch in docked mode. They are one of the best controllers I've used for any of my consoles in the past. JUST BUY ALL OF THE CONTROLLERS!!

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