26 Jul 2019

Farming Sims I Love

It wouldn't be a surprise to tell you that farming simulation games are some of my favourite games to play. Certainly the ones that take up a lot of my time. And I mean a lot. If you're also a lover of these games, you definitely understand what I mean. You're transported to another world, a world that you're building for yourself. They become an escape from real life and for me personally, it helps me when I feel down and/or anxious. Kinda like my personal stress relievers and I'm very glad that games like these exist. What games are you talking about then Vicki? Well...

Stardew Valley
Well this one was a shocker wasn't it? I have loved and supported Stardew the day it was released. I've talked about it on a separate post entirely I love it that much. Owning it on every console possible, I always have time to go back to Stardew Valley. It may look daunting and confusing to begin with, but I promise that a soon as you get the hang of the day to day routines you'll need to be doing it will all fall into place and you'll never come off it. I have well over 200 hours over all three consoles, it's that good. It has a wonderful charm and is full of a variety of Characters you'll fall in love with as you go. It's one of the best looking 8-bit games, the attention to detail is crazy! Everything looks so polished and of course adorable. Play. This. Game. You're welcome.

Farm Together
This one is fairly more straight forward. It's just one big objective of creating the biggest and best farm you can. The relaxing soundtrack is so soothing, with the game being played in real time too, it gives you a reason to come back every day (or every other hour like I did for weeks...) For the OG Farmville lovers it's such a refreshing take on Farm life. You have a massive canvas to work with and you can create it however you want. There's a lot of crops to grow, trees to forage, flowers to pick, you can even build massive pools full of fish. It even includes an online option too so you can play with friends or make new friends in the process! You can check out just how much effort people put into their farms.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
This one's a little like Stardew, with a lot of different activities to do other than farming. Farming is great in this game but isn't the main focus, so while you wait for crops and animals to do their thing, it's packed full of other objectives, it's super adorable too. It's a full on adventure in Gemea, with so much to gather, it's a fun and easy little game to get into. They even have a fun approach to animals you can have on your farm, you don't buy, you simply befriend the animals in the wild with feeding them their favourite foods and it's a matter of having them follow you back to your farm! Did I tell you it was adorable? It's quite a large map to discover so you'll be playing for hours on end checking off tasks as you go.

Alice Greenfingers
Okay so I'm throwing it WAY back now, I sat here scrambling through Google searches trying to remember what game I was addicted to when I was a kid. I'm not even sure how popular this game was when it was released 12 years ago (yikes I'm old). It had to be one of the first games that I played that started my love for Farming/Gardening games. With a similar 8-Bit style to Stardew, it's simple activities were very addictive and got me playing for hours on end. The characters dialogue was fun and ever since 2007 I've always searched far and wide for Farming Sims, they just occupy my brain in the best way. It keeps me calm and happy, what more could I want?

I could probably show you 10 Apps that are worthy of mentioning, but it's easy enough to find and play for free through your App Store. Hay Day is one that stands out the most for me, I try and steer away from Mobile Games these days though. I quite like to keep my phone battery nice and healthy which is the only downside to gaming on your phone. Still super fun though!

Do you like playing Farming Games? Let me know any I've missed!

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