18 Jul 2019

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

In the last couple years, we've been blessed enough to have some of our childhood favourites brought back to us. Games we played nonstop as kids as sometimes it was the only new game we could play and we made damn sure we got our money's worth... Well, our parents money. Which we are ever so grateful for. I grew up having an older brother, so I definitely took to any game he was given and made sure I got to play it too when he was done with it.

With the release of Crash Bandicoot in it's Remastered form, The N'Sane Trilology, it opened so many doors for possible remakes in the future. The hype it got and the absolute joy (and rage) it all gave us being able to play a classic again, it truly was a moment I'll always remember.

As I'm writing this, I have Crash Team Racing on my screen, with the Remaster of one of my favourites now released, millions of us are being taken back to 1999, wow I feel old. Anyone else? The original music is playing and I feel nostalgic, why wouldn't we want our favourite games back in better graphics and controls? I get that it's a way to make money, people know fans are always going to buy something they've enjoyed in the past. But is it so wrong to do so when they turn out so right? With the absolutely stunning graphics they've bought to the Remaster, each race map is so well done, Coco Park being one of my favourites, it looks amazing now! They did a great job of adding some customisation to the characters too, that always makes it a bit more fun. And if anything, gives you more reason to play each character to unlock everything you possibly can! But if you're not into that, you get the option to keep it classic, the way we all played it back then. Nice touch.

The Online Multiplayer is what really sealed the deal for me. Introducing so many new courses to race that none of us have experienced before (alongside all original maps from the game), it really gives CTR that extra charm we know and love. With more shortcuts to discover, new Characters to unlock and play, also mentioning there is absolutely no micro transactions in-game, it gives you that incentive to play over and over and save up those Wumpa Coins. A lot of the time in Multiplayer games there's way too many shortcuts of just buying your way to get the best items, where's the fun in that? I'm definitely not the best CTR driver, but even when I'm losing it's still a fun experience and that's all that matters to me.

How do you feel about games getting Remastered? I strongly believe that if they are made well with the true intention of bringing back a wave of nostalgia to all of our lives, you really can't go wrong. Think of all of the kids around now being able to play Crash for the first time? What a time to be alive.

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