26 Jul 2019

Farming Sims I Love

It wouldn't be a surprise to tell you that farming simulation games are some of my favourite games to play. Certainly the ones that take up a lot of my time. And I mean a lot. If you're also a lover of these games, you definitely understand what I mean. You're transported to another world, a world that you're building for yourself. They become an escape from real life and for me personally, it helps me when I feel down and/or anxious. Kinda like my personal stress relievers and I'm very glad that games like these exist. What games are you talking about then Vicki? Well...

18 Jul 2019

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

In the last couple years, we've been blessed enough to have some of our childhood favourites brought back to us. Games we played nonstop as kids as sometimes it was the only new game we could play and we made damn sure we got our money's worth... Well, our parents money. Which we are ever so grateful for. I grew up having an older brother, so I definitely took to any game he was given and made sure I got to play it too when he was done with it.

With the release of Crash Bandicoot in it's Remastered form, The N'Sane Trilology, it opened so many doors for possible remakes in the future. The hype it got and the absolute joy (and rage) it all gave us being able to play a classic again, it truly was a moment I'll always remember.