18 Jun 2019

My Time at Portia

Since the beginning of Simulation RPGs, I've been hooked. I couldn't even try and tell you the hours I have put into Sim type games over the years. From Animal Crossing to Stardew Valley, I find so much enjoyment and fulfillment in creating my own little world to live in. My own little bubble. Having a game that allows you to create a virtual world, with an exciting story to go along with it, you really can't beat it. So of course when word was going around about a new game called My Time at Portia, I was intrigued...

My Time at Portia follows the main character (you) into a new world where your Father had previously owned a workshop and you can guess what happens next, you're here to rebuild and start a new life in Portia! Though the objective of the game seems basic, it's full to the brim of day to day tasks with fun elements of Mining, Farming, Crafting and much more. The main story consists of big builds to help renovate Portia and its surrounding areas, which is why Mining and Foraging will become a big part of your playthrough. With plenty of neighbours and friendly faces around the town, creating relationships stays fun and interesting as you find out stories and personal experiences from each person.

I will add that personally the art style of the gameplay itself is not my favourite. The animation seems quite childlike which is definitely not a bad thing at all. It's still a clean and very detailed world you're
 exploring. I am however a massive fan of the art style they use on loading screens, honestly beautiful. Just look! 

I'm not sure about you, but games like this are so relaxing to me. Even when tasks are timed, I don't feel the stress of having to find materials to get the job done. The music is perfectly balanced to keep the vibe nice and calm, even at times when you're attacking monsters in the mines, nothing ever feels too tense. So if you're looking for an action packed game, I don't think this is the one for you. But for the super chill people who just need to shut off the world for many, many hours, I cannot recommend My Time at Portia enough. 

There's an endless amount of items to craft, tasks to be done, friendships to be made. I've put a good amount of hours in already and I feel like I'm nowhere near done. Did I also mention it's the perfect handheld game? I unfortunately do not own it on Switch, but Simulation games like this are so fun on the go. I see a lot of people playing it on Nintendo Switch and I'm envious! 

Have you heard of My Time at Portia? Let me know what you think about it! 

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