9 Feb 2019

Relax with Stardew Valley

It's coming up to Stardew Valleys Third Anniversary. The game graced the world February 26, 2016 on PC. I remember the day it came out, a couple Youtubers I'd been watching were playing it so it caught my attention pretty early on. I knew from the start it was going to be a game I'd like. I was addicted to the dumb Facebook farming games as a kid and I'd play them daily for months and months. The simplicity of growing crops and looking after animals was something I clicked with, not entirely sure why but it was such a calming thing for me to do that I wasn't going to stop, no matter how silly it was to others. So of course there started my love for Stardew Valley.

This game is incredible in many ways, but I'll start with the fact it was created by one person. One hero. Eric Barone aka Concerned Ape. He created this masterpiece purely starting with just wanting to sharpen up his computer skills and such to help him get a better job, who'd have thought? I have the upmost respect for this guy, to have put as much detail into this game like he did, amazing.

Stardew Valley from the outside, looks like a simple, 8 bit stylised retro indie game. You have a farm and you make some money. End. Well, it goes a lot deeper. The characters alone are narrated in such an impressive way, each having their own individual story (and there's a lot), you being the person talking to them and getting to know them on a personal level. It can get real deep. But it's incredibly charming, you really do get lost in this little world because the stories seem so real to the stories you hear in real life around you.

I haven't even mentioned how relaxing this game is, I see a lot of posts on Twitter and Instagram of people sitting down for the evening ready to just chill on their Nintendo Switch with Stardew Valley. The music is incredibly soothing, the melodies are so delightful to listen to, I need a good soundtrack in a game I'm playing for hours on end, and the music never gets old, annoying, none of that. It's hard to not smile when you're playing this game.

I have an addictive personality when it comes to video games. If I find a game I like, that's it, I'll see you in a few weeks, it's been nice knowing you! Stardew Valley gives you a sense of organisation and routine in each tasks you do in each game day, ConcernedApe inserts charismatic and captivating adventures which really do keep you busy for hours, and hours, and so on. You may think at first look tending to crops on a farm is boring as hell, but if you give it the chance it deserves, it turns into such a rewarding experience. I've just recently purchased it on Nintendo Switch, which now means I own it on PC, PS4 and Switch. Yeah, I believe in this game so much that it was totally necessary, I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it works on the Switch. It feels like it could work on anything, it's such a practical game that you definitely need to check out if you haven't already.

Have you played Stardew Valley before? I really enjoyed talking about it, I might have to start a little series of sharing some of the games I've been enjoying lately. Let me know what you think!

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  1. gosh, has it really been a year?!
    I adore Stardew Valley. The music, the quests and the little junimos! I do find it quite relaxing too and I used to love chilling on Stardew while streaming on twitch.

    I need to get back into playing it. Maybes on the PS4 too.

  2. I loved the game. Still I think there are some few things that can be improved. For example, I didn't like the map.


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