30 Jan 2019

Quirky Valentine's Cards

I am a huge fan of novelty greeting cards. Since I've been with my boyfriend (over 2 years now) I've made it my mission to get him a unique card for every possible celebration there is. Etsy is a WONDERLAND for cards like this. It's just nice to put a little personal spin on the card, as cards just normally get looked at and that's about it. But I like to keep any unique ones that I have some sort of personal connection to.

Another reason to think about getting a novelty card is that Etsy is full of talented artists. I can definitely see the positives in spending £2/£3 knowing that it's a person's own artwork, I fucking love helping any smaller business that needs it . It's so worth the extra couple of quid and let's be honest, the person you're buying it for is worth it. Right?

I thought I'd pick out a couple of ones that I really am loving this year, there really is an endless list of cards you can find on there so go crazy and have a look yourself!

These are just a couple I looked up within the first 10 minutes of being on Etsy, so can you imagine what you can find? So go get looking, only a few weeks to go now! Are you doing anything nice for Valentines? :)

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  1. HAHAHA, I love these! I've been with Alex for 8 years and started out with the lovey dovey shit, but now I always get him a funny AF card instead. I'm definitely gonna have a look on Etsy at these, they're amazing!

    Laura x |

    1. Yeah same! It much more fun this way haha. :)

  2. I love these, they really are funny especially the Eminem one xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️


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