25 Jan 2019

Animal Crossing 2019

The moment Animal Crossing was announced for Nintendo Switch, the world lost. their. shit. Including myself, someone who didn't even own a Switch at this point. The hype was here and rightfully so, AC has been an incredible addition to the gaming world, going all the way back to 2001 when it was first introduced. Wow I feel super old, 2005 being the first release on Nintendo DS, 10 year old me was addicted from the get go. A mini world full of adorable animals with day to day tasks to keep you occupied and addicted for a good portion of your free time. Which I had a lot of, lets face it I've spent a good portion of my life playing Video Games, no regrets.

So what can we expect from this new Animal Crossing? I was super curious to know what this new game would entail, I think we all were. STILL ARE. WHERE'S THE NEWS NINTENDO? WE'RE WAITING. IT'S 2019 ALREADY. WE'RE READY. Uh... Yeah, I think that sums up how we're all feeling right at this moment. In the meantime I thought I'd share some thoughts into what I hope to see in the new game.

  1. Relationships. I really hope they dive a lot deeper into the dialogue of the game, maybe some more personal stories for the villagers? A bit like how in Stardew Valley you could build relationships with each person in the town and as you progress you'd learn more about their personal life. 
  2. Cooking Elements. I am a SUCKER for baking/cooking games, even the dumb little games you download on your phone where you own bakeries and cafes, I loved them. Hopefully could even be a learning experience for younger players, making them familiar with what ingredients are used and such. Am I reaching? I just really hope they include something like this.
  3. A Bigger World. The past AC games have had a decent town size for what the aim of the actual game was, but I'm hoping for something big this time. Or even multiple worlds.
  4. Better Town Customisation. Coming from the big place in my heart that holds many hours playing the Sims, it was always a real pain in AC that you didn't have much choice with where the villagers houses were placed. I'm not kidding in my New Leaf town there's five animals living around my house. FIVE. I'm flattered they all wanted to live so close but it really made the town look dis-proportioned and that bugged me. A lot.
  5. Online. I'm not sure how far-fetched this suggestion is but it was always fun playing with your pal in each others towns, so I'm really hoping they can expand on this. I'm hoping for more interaction with people online and maybe some mini games to play to earn certain things to help you in your own world? 
I think I'll stop there for now, I really could go on. This franchise means a lot to me so I'm so excited to see whatever they come up with, please don't make us wait too long Nintendo?

What are you excited to see? Please feel free to comment, I love talking to anyone about AC so I'm curious to know what you think! 

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