26 Jul 2019

Farming Sims I Love

It wouldn't be a surprise to tell you that farming simulation games are some of my favourite games to play. Certainly the ones that take up a lot of my time. And I mean a lot. If you're also a lover of these games, you definitely understand what I mean. You're transported to another world, a world that you're building for yourself. They become an escape from real life and for me personally, it helps me when I feel down and/or anxious. Kinda like my personal stress relievers and I'm very glad that games like these exist. What games are you talking about then Vicki? Well...

18 Jul 2019

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

In the last couple years, we've been blessed enough to have some of our childhood favourites brought back to us. Games we played nonstop as kids as sometimes it was the only new game we could play and we made damn sure we got our money's worth... Well, our parents money. Which we are ever so grateful for. I grew up having an older brother, so I definitely took to any game he was given and made sure I got to play it too when he was done with it.

With the release of Crash Bandicoot in it's Remastered form, The N'Sane Trilology, it opened so many doors for possible remakes in the future. The hype it got and the absolute joy (and rage) it all gave us being able to play a classic again, it truly was a moment I'll always remember.

18 Jun 2019

My Time at Portia

Since the beginning of Simulation RPGs, I've been hooked. I couldn't even try and tell you the hours I have put into Sim type games over the years. From Animal Crossing to Stardew Valley, I find so much enjoyment and fulfillment in creating my own little world to live in. My own little bubble. Having a game that allows you to create a virtual world, with an exciting story to go along with it, you really can't beat it. So of course when word was going around about a new game called My Time at Portia, I was intrigued...

21 Feb 2019

Ni no Kuni 2: Kings Edition Collectors Box

You know when you find a game that you just completely fall in love with? One that just sticks out in your mind when you think of games you enjoyed start to finish, one you'll never forget. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is that game for me. Early last year, I was deep into the world of gaming on Twitter and I was hearing a lot about a new JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) coming out. I was fairly new to JRPGs anyway, I've barely dipped my toe in that genre still. I took a quick look at the trailer for NNK2 before it came out and something just clicked with me. What was this game? When did the first one come out? Why have I never heard of this? So many questions. But I just took a dive into the deep end, purchasing it pretty much soon as it was released because I knew I had to try it.

9 Feb 2019

Relax with Stardew Valley

It's coming up to Stardew Valleys Third Anniversary. The game graced the world February 26, 2016 on PC. I remember the day it came out, a couple Youtubers I'd been watching were playing it so it caught my attention pretty early on. I knew from the start it was going to be a game I'd like. I was addicted to the dumb Facebook farming games as a kid and I'd play them daily for months and months. The simplicity of growing crops and looking after animals was something I clicked with, not entirely sure why but it was such a calming thing for me to do that I wasn't going to stop, no matter how silly it was to others. So of course there started my love for Stardew Valley.

4 Feb 2019


In England, we are limited to quality shops that sell Japanese goodies. Which is a real shame because I would be broke if we had more (I guess it's a good thing really?) But one special shop that I've loved for a while is Based in Portsmouth, they're one of the best online shops I've come across that are based in the UK. With super reasonable prices for their goods, you'd be crazy not to snap up some of the items they sell. I've purchased from them a few times in the past and I thought I'd show you what i managed to find this time...

30 Jan 2019

Quirky Valentine's Cards

I am a huge fan of novelty greeting cards. Since I've been with my boyfriend (over 2 years now) I've made it my mission to get him a unique card for every possible celebration there is. Etsy is a WONDERLAND for cards like this. It's just nice to put a little personal spin on the card, as cards just normally get looked at and that's about it. But I like to keep any unique ones that I have some sort of personal connection to.

Another reason to think about getting a novelty card is that Etsy is full of talented artists. I can definitely see the positives in spending £2/£3 knowing that it's a person's own artwork, I fucking love helping any smaller business that needs it . It's so worth the extra couple of quid and let's be honest, the person you're buying it for is worth it. Right?

I thought I'd pick out a couple of ones that I really am loving this year, there really is an endless list of cards you can find on there so go crazy and have a look yourself!

25 Jan 2019

Animal Crossing 2019

The moment Animal Crossing was announced for Nintendo Switch, the world lost. their. shit. Including myself, someone who didn't even own a Switch at this point. The hype was here and rightfully so, AC has been an incredible addition to the gaming world, going all the way back to 2001 when it was first introduced. Wow I feel super old, 2005 being the first release on Nintendo DS, 10 year old me was addicted from the get go. A mini world full of adorable animals with day to day tasks to keep you occupied and addicted for a good portion of your free time. Which I had a lot of, lets face it I've spent a good portion of my life playing Video Games, no regrets.

So what can we expect from this new Animal Crossing? I was super curious to know what this new game would entail, I think we all were. STILL ARE. WHERE'S THE NEWS NINTENDO? WE'RE WAITING. IT'S 2019 ALREADY. WE'RE READY. Uh... Yeah, I think that sums up how we're all feeling right at this moment. In the meantime I thought I'd share some thoughts into what I hope to see in the new game.

22 Jan 2019

LDN Adventures

I love a good old trip to London. I've been a handful of times now and I enjoy it more and more every time. London is a very busy place and I never used to be good in stressful and busy situations like that but there's something about London that helps me feel a bit more calm, odd I know. I love using the Underground too! I've been to a couple cities around Europe that uses Underground trains so I'm used to the mad rush that comes with using the them.

This time I was heading down to London for the NBA Game that was taking place this year. I luckily managed to grab two seats for me and my Boyfriend who is a huge fan of Basketball, pretty chuffed considering it was the only event to come to The UK this year! We had a fantastic time at the game, our seats were pretty impressive too. I must admit I spent a good portion of the evening trying to scope out any famous faces and I did manage to see a few!

We also managed to go to a fun little Avengers exhibition that was in London whilst we were staying there, we always try and find something cool to go and see and this definitely was that.

I thought I'd show you some photos I managed to take while I was on my travels!